Re: Voting begins on removing OpenWatcom support

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jimcbrown said...
SDPringle said...

7 to drop 5 to keep

It seems the 'drop' votes have it here.

5 to keep, 7 to drop, 1 to be neutral - but implicitly a keep vote if we don't bundle MinGW with 4.1.0

SDPringle said...

I am sure we will get complaints later for those who never went to the forum before. Too bad we don't have users vote for things on install...

[ ] Install Core 
[ ] Install Docs 
[ ] Install Tests 
[ ] Drop Support for Watcom C next version? 
[ ] Don't bother setting EUDIR next version? 
[ ] Add a C style #ifdef style system to EUPHORIA in next version? 
[ ] Use reference values into a hidden sequence for map and friends? 
[Continue]  [Cancel] 

That'd require us to get users to do a new install or a re-install everytime we want to take a vote.

Also, I suspect a lot of users would be neutral and would just use the default setting - so in your example it'd be rigged to be in favor of keeping watcom.

At least one user seems to have registered on this forum just for this vote, BTW.

Hi, What about making a 'real' voting?

I mean not in a forum thread that is mixed up with different topics (like 'creating tickets' etc.).

Maybe someone can setup/create a Voting-Page on ..> just login ..> vote yes/no and that it is.

Put the info and a link, that there is a Voting on the OpenEuphoria Homepage so everybody can see it. Not in the forum, where it goes up and down in the threadlist.

Dropping the support for the last (i call it like this) 'native' Windows Compiler seems to me important.

With OpenWatcom there is not only a Compiler also there are tools like Resource Compiler/Editor, Debugger/Spy etc.

Also i checked the Downloads on Sourceforge and they tell me, that more People downloaded the Euphoria-OW Package than all the *IX Packages togheter.

This is my Peronal opinion, Please excuse my not perfect English.

Andreas (BTW which is GUI-Wrapper for Windows is already 64-Bit ready, is there any?)

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