Re: Keeping Euphoria Files Updated With Development?

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DamienRoseBlack said...

I feel dumb, but I think a that went a tiny bit over my head. I am on windows, but you lost me with eubin. Euphoria binaries? Where are those hiding? Perhaps you can help me find these eubins you speak of. Do you just mean one of the releases, like 4.0b2? Those don't seem to have any svn information. Or do they?

The windows eubins are at

The one you want to download is which contains the svn working copy / svn checkout at revision 2966 as well as the binaries required to build them.

I forget the exact etymology of the word, but Euphoria Binaries is probably what eubins is derived from.

Note that you don't have to build anything, the binaries included in there are the latest full working, precompiled, version of 4.0 that was available at the time the eubins were uploaded. You only need to figure out how to recompile if you want to keep your binaries up to date with svn trunk yourself without having to download another set of eubins all over again.

DamienRoseBlack said...

I've checked out the trunk, but those don't have any binaries, maybe these eubins I'm too silly to locate are them. I can do some compiling if necessary, but I'm a little lost in the structure. Is there some simple recompile .bat I'm missing somewhere?

I haven't tried out the new bakefile system yet. I still use the old configure.bat   wmake commands. This only requires OpenWatcom to be installed.

Currently, it's not possible to just check out from svn and compile, you need to bootstrap with a eu 4.0 interpreter.

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