Re: Lying?

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Critic said...

No, I did not think of you.

Ok then.

Critic said...

And you all know what I think about some parts of the documentation. But how would you call this?

matt said...

But then, I often wish for Euphoria features when coding in those other languages.

Critic said...

I am interested. Could you please give an example?

matt said...

Sometimes it relates to static typing, or simply the ease of dealing with sequences.

Note that I doubted EU's static typing and never got any answer.

But when I looked at the "feature requests" on sourceforge I found this:

matt said...

Compile-Time Type Checking
The parser should report an error at compile time if a type check error is detected. For example, two errors that could be detected at compile time:

procedure foo( sequence s ) 
atom bar = s 
end procedure 

So Matt is aware EU does not do static type checking, yet he mentions it as a feature he likes?!

If this was not a lie, I seriously apologize.

Maybe it's a language issue. Matt's earlier post could be expressed as ...

What I'd like to see in other languages is the way that Euphoria does static type checking, and built-in support for dynamic arrays of variants.

Matt's "feature request" is not asking for static type checking, but asking for a change to when the type checking is done.

Currently some of Euphoria's static type checking (yes, it does do static typing) is done during the execution of the code. In those cases, it could be done earlier - at parsing time. This would mean that these types of mistakes could be reported without wasting time on continuing the parsing.

Static type checking is a part of Euphoria. However, the coder can choose to use it or not. If you wish to avoid it, then declare everything as object and not type checking is ever done - of course this can lead to some interesting bugs if one is not careful blink

Euphoria only allows integers (30-bit) to be assigned to an integer type, only numbers to be assigned to atom types and only sequences to be assign to sequence types. This is static type checking.

Critic said...

PS: How do you know I am German?

I didn't know for sure; it was an educated guess.

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