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Critic said...

Yeah, in a way you are right. But I cannot help it much. It's just my way.

Then seek some professional help.

Critic said...

Apart from that I cannot deny the impression (from the documentation and from some members of the forum) that EU's supporters use lies to convince people of EU. And I just cannot stand this. (Yes, I have a hard time saying this as politely as possible in English, sorry sad ).

There is no "polite" way to accuse people of lying. By using that word, you are saying that the writers of the documentation have deliberately set out to deceive the readers by claiming things that the writers knew to be untrue.

Actually, it's just come to mind that you may be accusing me of lying? If so, I am truly offended and angry. Do you have the courage and honour to document the items that I have written, which you know to be a deliberate falsehood, and present them to the forum or privately? see below To use a colourful English language expression, which I'm sure translates into German well enough - why don't you grow a pair!? It is significant that you do not even use your real name.

I believe that once you overcome your biased viewpoint, any falsehoods in the documentation can be shown to be mistakes rather than lies. And do not yourself, make the mistake of confusing opinion with facts.

I do not wish to waste effort on this. I would rather you and I could work together to improve Euphoria, but I think you are making that a difficult thing to do.

Derek J Parnell, 
Melbourne, Australia 
skype: derek.j.parnell 
dpar8777 xat bigpond xdot net xdot au 

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