4.0a3 is Released!

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The Development Team is proud to release the 3rd alpha version of Euphoria 4.0. Please bear in mind that it is still alpha. This means there will be bugs and there will be further changes. We anticipate that this will be our last alpha release before changing it's status to beta.

Files can be downloaded for a variety of platforms from our Sourceforge.net project download page.

I believe the file naming schemes may need a bit of explaining and/or changing, but for now:

Filename Description
eu40a3.zip Euphoria for DOS only
euphoria_40a3.exe Euphoria for Windows (includes DOS support)
euphoria-4.0a3.tar.gz Euphoria for Linux
euphoria-osx-4.0a3.tar.gz Euphoria for OS X
euphoria-src-4.0a3.tar.gz Source packaged as .tar.gz
euphoria-src-4.0a3.zip Source packaged as .zip

The source packages require an existing recent build of Euphoria 4.0. In the later beta stages, we will release source packages with pre-translated code for a variety of packages. That, however, is a lot of work and is not going to be done for all alpha/beta releases.

With this release we are hoping for your help. Almost all new development is completed. A few lingering tasks are yet to be done. What this means is we are going to be moving into bug fixing mode real soon. This is where you can help tremendously. Please, try the alpha and beta installations of Euphoria and let us know when/if you find a problem. Many users testing will result in a more stable final release. I will be posting instructions soon on writing good bug reports and also helping by submitting unit tests exposing the problems you may find.

Thank you,

The Development Team

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