1. The TextGUI proggie

Hello David,
I saw the program,and I realy liked it. But I found little bugs/places that
need improvement, like :
When you press on ALT and hold it,and after that you release it - the cursor
stays after the "H" letter on the bar,and doesn't go down to the edit window.
Sorry for my bad english, but I hope you'll understand it.
When I'm running the program, I get a message from the compiler :
 Warning: the value assigned to private variable outReg
          in toggle_blinking() is never used
Hm...Let's go on.
Why don't you make the "menu calling function" as in EDIT.COM ? I mean, when
you press the ALT key and release it, the menu stays working and not goes
back to the editor.
Also I found out that the scrolling "char" isn't scrolling properly or not
scrolling at all.  I mean : run the open file function. You see the files,
right? Right to the files you see the scrolling bar,right? Why the little
#177 char is not moving in that line when you scroll thru the files? Damn,
my english is realy bad, huh? :)
Another thing is, when you're chosing something, please try to hide the cursor.
Where is the mouse? :)
Why when you choose the Search option, it's doesn't work and cursor
disappear somewhere?

I think that's all. If I'll find something else, I report you about it.

It's a realy great software for euphoria community. Well done, David.

C'ya all,
Izchak Aronov.

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2. The TextGUI proggie

*** Reply to note of 02/04/97 05:39
thanks for all the comments from everyone. i'll take them under consideration
as i think about if i really want to undertake this project.  :)

re: Cursor on menu. Should be fixed in demo v.3.
re: Error message. I've got to put in "without warning" everywhere, but since
    this is still an alpha version, some tests are still in there.
re: keeping the editor active once the Alt key is pressed. this has been
    suggested by Michael. it's top on my "to do" list.
re: scrolling char(177). in v.2, i put up the bars, without any scrolling
    character. i've added them to v.3. (your english is fine, by the way).
re: hide the cursor. i'll work on that. it's better, but there are still
    some places where it shows up.
re: search option. look at the "readme.txt" file to find out which options
    are real, and which are "dummies". remember, this is a demo that's
    slowly turning into an editor - but it's not one yet.
re: cursor disappearing. fixed in .3. hopefully, most of the cursor
    problems are fixed in the current release.

a couple of other caveats:

  - maximum line length is 256 bytes. if the line length exceeds this,
    the program bombs. i hope to fix this in the near future so there is
    no line limit. on the plus side, the demo will load files that the DOS
    editor chokes on.
  - most of the files will eventually have a ".e" extension instead of
    ".ex". i've left it that way because i use my PP program, which
    generates ".ex" files. bad laziness on my part (like the warning in
    intense.e )
  - the documentation is *much* more sparse than it should be, because
    i keep adding/reworking the innards. for example, you'll notice in
    the latest release that there is no overlap in control attribute values,
    and the obscure TOP has been replaced by FIRST_LINE and FIRST_CHAR,
    respectively. by the time beta comes around (really, not that far
    away), things should settle down and I'll do a "real" writeup.

re: where's the mouse? i've got to give this a *lot* of thought. in the
    grand scheme of things, it's not that high a priority, but i won't
    rule it out. i won't start work on it until the editor is out...

thanks again.

-- david cuny

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