1. Phix and Haiku OS

Hi Pete,

This topic is mainly for you smile

As was said in this topic regarding Euphoria in Haiku operating system, the same could be said for Phix. The author GreenEuphorian says it all. Euphoria (and, thus, Phix) are a perfect match for Haiku. From a strategic point of view, Phix could gain some traction if it was available and promoted for Haiku, as both have the goal to be simple to use. Maybe it could use the Haiku APIs for GUIs. I confess I have no idea of the work involved in bringing this to life.

Don't know if it would take lots of work or not so much, but what I can say is that Haiku has become stable in the last year and many people are considering to use it as a daily driver. Some already do. Many people are fed up with Windows, Linuxes and MacOS.

If both Haiku and Phix could grow together it would be nice for the Euphoria community and great for users of that operating system.

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2. Re: Phix and Haiku OS

Well, that's all certainly very interesting, but...

Oh dear, how can I say this gently? Twenty-something years, 37 subscribers, making $23K pa, less than it costs to pay their one developer.
You have all the source/tools I do, I'll not get in your way, may even help a bit, but I've more important things to spendwaste my time on!
I suppose it is not the worst idea, but I simply cannot justify the truly humongous effort it would probably involve, especially if me alone.
Targetting a Raspberry PI as I currently (long-term!) am just seems better, and is more than enough to keep me rather busy, thank you!

You may actually be able to run Phix under Wine on Haiku already?

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3. Re: Phix and Haiku OS

I've looked over and glanced at the Haiku homepage. I've even looked at the screenshots. It looks like it would be a fun OS to use. I really like the simple GUI it has. It kinda reminds of Windows 9x(98) GUI style. If I had more experience I wouldn't mind taking a crack at porting Euphoria to Haiku.


After reading over it some more, it might be possible to build Euphoria on Haiku using the Linux/FreeBSD version. Granted it does say Haiku doesn't run off any Linux kernel. Too bad there isn't a Haiku subsystem for Windows. I should try it and play around with it on a virtual machine sometime. It does


my interest.

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4. Re: Phix and Haiku OS

If I remember well, Wine runs on Haiku so the Windows version of OpenEuphoria should run.


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