1. [Phix] It works

I have Phix & IUP working on EasyOS (latest puppy linux). This was installed to a USB stick, its portable and self contained.

On my i0 it works best; on my i7 (same usb) some of the iup visuals are not working (maybe a nvidia driver is needed?).

Various niggles exist, but I can get a nice 3D math plot to impress anyone.

be well

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2. Re: [Phix] It works

Been wondering what to say for a couple of days but think I've finally nailed it:

"Cor blimey crikey bobs mate."

Clearly a proper install script is needed. What were the final clinchers for you?

The starting point is probably https://openeuphoria.org/forum/m/136685.wc with whatever else can be gathered from that thread.
I'm leaning towards running the official 'sudo ./install's which dump everything in /usr/lib64 and then 'ln <something> /usr/lib64 /usr/local/lib' (or vice versa)
and 'sudo ldconfig' and suggesting a reboot if it ain't all immediately working...

PS what's an i0? By i7 do you mean an intel chip?

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3. Re: [Phix] It works

I'm not fond of scripts; I like to download, unzip, and just copy files to the correct location.

But, this strategy caught me by surprise. The .so are also found in sub-folders (hidden from direct view) and was the cause of missing dependencies.

After testing various iup versions I found that they sometimes install to /usr/lib and sometimes to /usr/lib64 all depending on which computer I use. (No longer testing 32bit).

Since EasyOS ("puppy linux") is on the order of 600MB it could be a reference linux. I tried downloading the latest Mint, but my internet crashed after downloading 1.5G

Take a look a the pcan wiki for some more lwn ideas.

I 'playfully' refer to the atom chip as i0 because it was the first chip with multi-threading by Intel. My i0 Netbook is also notable because Microsoft has banned the word "Netbook" --they could not get Windows to work on netbooks. (No reason to believe they have Windows working on i7 computers either.)

be well


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