1. Godot Engine

Has anyone here tried Godot game engine? It is quite amazing! It has a built-in editor and scripting language called GDscript, which has python-like syntax. The API can do anything from GUI controls to 2D to 3D to networking to audio to loading and saving images, json files, etc. It also has true multi-threading and can build for multiple platforms. Check out the documentation: https://docs.godotengine.org/en/stable/. Although it is a "game engine", i would consider it a powerful programming environment useful for all kinds of GUI applications.

If nothing else, this is a good example of what kind of things are possible for an open source programming language/API/IDE. Perhaps it could be a source of inspiration about programming techniques and ways to improve Euphoria.

I've been developing a 3D multiplayer game for the last year or so. It's been quite a learning experience! It's amazing how much i'm able to do with a programming environment that can actually do modern stuff. I'm not giving up on Euphoria and i still have plans for RedyCode, but it was good to try something different. I'll be continuing development of my game for a while. Eventually, i'll get back into working on RedyCode 2.0 using some concepts i've learned from Godot.

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2. Re: Godot Engine

I think the thing about coders is we love to play. So I've VB6, Lazarus, Liberty Basic, Freebasic, Unity, App Game Kit Studio, Blitz basic, Dark Basic, First person shooter creator or whatever it's called, and lord knows how many others. Great fun. Also never going to give up on the best language of the lot either (Eu of course)


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3. Re: Godot Engine

I've tried Godot Engine. It seems to be pretty handy and neat. I've also used Unity too. I've also used App Game Kit, Dark Basic Pro, RPG Maker, QB64, PureBasic, AutoIt, Irrlicht 3D Engine(I even made a wrapper for Euphoria for it, hehe) and so much more. Chris is right, being a programmer you want to play around with all the tools. I of course will continue using Euphoria, my favorite.

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