1. Phix 0.8.0 uploaded

http://phix.x10.mx/download.php (0.7.7 notes: https://openeuphoria.org/forum/m/131819.wc )

Unstable release, known issues include:
1: Linux memory allocation problem.
There is a nasty low-level bug in pHeap.e that means it crashes on some systems. I have also made it crash on my system by adding some code to the compiler, which I have removed from this release. It crashes with a memory corruption error. Unfortunately 0.8.0 is not really any improvement over 0.7.9 on Linux.

2: Incomplete "NEWGSCAN" flag.
At the start of p.exw I have added a new flag to change constant propagation and type inference, which does a better job of linking up the gvar scan, including user defined types, and applying more of the final pass logic, specifically jskip(), to earlier passes. It works fairly well but there are some programs which make it crash, hence I disabled it for the 0.8.0 release.

Summary of changes for 0.8.0:
Installation now in three parts, phix.0.8.0.setup.exe, phix., and phix. The setup.exe automatically downloads (unless it can find them) and extracts the two .zip files (via demo/pGUI/pdemo/installation.e).
NEWGSCAN (disabled for now)
GetLastAccessTime() renamed as GetFileTime() in builtins/timestamp.ew
get_text() now supports GT_KEEP_BOM, and GT_WHOLE_FILE now only adds a trailing \n when the file has been opened in text mode (ptok.e changed to do that to match).
log2() added
decode_base64() and encode_base64() documented and builtins/base64.e made an auto-include.
custom_sort() enhanced to support inline tagsorts without a custom comparison routine, and now also supports both ascending and descending modes.
sort_columns() added
extract() and reinstate() added
include_path() added (without an s) to complement/filter include_paths()
set_file_size() added, and get_file_size() can now return a KB/GB/TB string result.
sq_min(), sq_max(), and sq_log2() added
allow_novalue() added to bigatom.e
ba_sprintf() can now comma-separate the integer part of the result, like sprintf().
New aliases ba_div, ba_idiv, ba_mul for ba_divide, ba_idivide, and ba_multiply.
New routines ba_factorial, ba_gcd, ba_lcm, ba_mod, ba_mod_exp, ba_sign, and ba_uminus.
pretty_print() moved to builtins/pretty.e and documented (was in misc.e)
new_dict() can now make a fast copy of an existing dictionary
factorial() now iterative (and hence slightly faster, was recursive)
lcm() added to complement gcd()
builtins\xml.e added, for converting xml text <==> nested structure, and documented.
builtins\mpfr.e added, a wrapper for gmp, for fast [very fast] arbitrary precision maths. (note the dlls still need to be downloaded manually for now, but I have a plan..)
builtins\pSQLite.e added, see (extensive) new documentation under Other Libraries.
regex now supports h/v/z for horizontal whitespace, vertical whitespace, and eof.
[s]printf() now supports text centering, v for sprint(), and unicode alignment now optional.
new error "attempt to get square root of negative number" in the sqrt() builtin.
builtins\prnd.e is not yet used and should be ignored for now.
rmatch() added to complement match(), as per OE, matches from the other end.
proper() added to builtins/pcase.e - not yet documented.
builtins\complex.e added for complex number handling - not yet documented.
builtins\pfrac.e added for rational fraction handling - not yet documented.
builtins\pqueue.e added for priority queue handling - not yet documented.
OE compatibility routines lookup(), keyvalues(), text_format() and begins() added to builtins/pvlookup.e, not yet documented.
builtins now has ripemd160.e and sha256.e, not documented, and not likely to ever be.
ditto builtins/unicode_console.e
The readme.txt also details 7 or 8 other bugfixes.

I was going to upgrade IUP to 3.26, but decided against yet another delay, no doubt there will probably be some other good reasons to ship 0.8.1 fairly soon anyway.

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2. Re: Phix 0.8.0 uploaded

Nice work, Pete! Thank you!

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3. Re: Phix 0.8.0 uploaded

Pete - a wonderful release, thank you so very much you made my easter.


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4. Re: Phix 0.8.0 uploaded



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5. Re: Phix 0.8.0 uploaded

When installing from the Linux 64 script, I notice the line:

wget http://phix.x10.mx/p32

When I tried that, nothing worked. I changed it to read

wget http://phix.x10.mx/p64

Re-ran the script, and things seem to work now.

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6. Re: Phix 0.8.0 uploaded

irv said...

I changed it to read wget http://phix.x10.mx/p64

Thanks, fixed.

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