wxEuphoria is Matt Lewis' (and Greg Haberek's!) interface to wxWidgets. It lets you take advantage of a very rich and stable, cross-platform GUI API.

There are different ways to work with wxEuphoria, but one of the easier ways is to use an interface builder in cooperation with wxWidget's built-in XRC functionality. This lets you use a third-party application, such as wxFormBuilder, to create your interface, then your favorite editor to create the backend.

While Matt is working on his IDE, which should accomplish something to this effect, the following workflow seems to work very well.

  1. Design your interface in wxFormBuilder
  2. Write the backend code using your favorite editor (list of Editors)

You can install the necessary components with the following links:

  1. Install Euphoria 4.0
  2. Install wxEuphoria
  3. Install wxFormBuilder (Version 3.2.3 beta as of 2011.12.01)

This makes it extremely simple and fast to develop wxEuphoria cross-platform GUI programs.

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