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A Euphoria language "is based on simple coherent intentional design." The symptoms of a Euphoria language are:

  • simple is better
  • two fundamental data-types
  • safety, pointer, memory, and garbage issues are handled for you
  • no surprises, coherent design and performance
  • helpful bug reporting
  • readable
  • maintainable
  • interpreted and compiled
  • faster than most popular languages

A Euphoria language is convenient if you focus on solving the problem, rather than solving the solution.

Euphoria languages are proven:

Euphoria since 1993 by Robert Craig http://rapideuphoria.com/index.html
no longer under development
OpenEuphoria open source and free http://openeuphoria.org/index.wc
Phix is Pete’s Self Hosted Hybrid Interpreter/Compiler http://phix.x10.mx/
active development

A Euphoria Language is ideal:

  • to learn as a first language
  • to keep as a favorite
  • to solve any general problem
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