Euphoria is cross platform: 
    C:\Euphoria> eui hello.ex 
    Hello, World! 
    [linux@~] $ eui hello.ex 
    Hello, World! 
    [osx@~] eui hello.ex 
    Hello, World! 

Welcome to OpenEuphoria

Euphoria is a powerful but easy-to-learn programming language. It has a simple syntax and structure with consistent rules, and is also easy to read. You can quickly, and with little effort, develop applications, big and small, for Windows, Unix variants (Linux, FreeBSD, ...) and OS X.

Euphoria was first released as shareware way back in 1993. Nowadays, it is being developed as an open source project that is community driven and maintained. The language has evolved into a sophisticated tool for programmers.

Surprising to many, Euphoria is one of the fastest interpreted languages around however for more speed and ease of distribution Euphoria also includes an integrated Euphoria to C translator. Euphoria provides subscript checking, uninitialized variable checking, garbage collection, and numerous other run-time checks, and is still extremely fast.

Euphoria is a general purpose programming language with a large library base making it usable for a variety of tasks. Its use of simple English words rather than punctuation enables you to quickly read the source code and understand it. Please read some Sample Code for yourself.

Current News

WIN EuPortable Installer --- Andreas Wagner

WIN EuPortable Installer 25000K Andreas Wagner updated Oct 15/16

Installer for EuPortable, contains WEE 0.48, Open Watcom 1.9 (subset), OpenEuphoria 4.0.6. Installer does not write to the registry nor does it change any Path or file association. Oct 15: Added a downloads for Eu4.1. They include the gcc compiler.

GEN eu_number --- James Cook

GEN eu_number 29K James Cook updated Oct 15/16

Sequence based mathematics. addition, multiplication, multiplicative inverse (1/x). Bigmath: limited length to 100 for speed, max_radix = 0x800000, it can calculate infinity and round. common pitfall: check your data's exponent before giving up. Oct 15: calc.e is big endian

GEN TinyBasic interpreter --- Jean-Marc DURO

GEN TinyBasic interpreter 299K Jean-Marc DURO Oct 9/16

A small embedded Basic interpreter written in Euphoria. Updated to a pre-alpha version with if and while statements, variable affectations and a lot of new operators. No need of line numbers anymore.

Older News

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