-- Euphoria is innovative 
while 1 label "families" do 
  while 1 do -- labels are optional 
    while 1 label "children" do 
      exit "families" -- exit top level while 
    end while 
  end while 
end while 

Welcome to OpenEuphoria

Euphoria is a powerful but easy-to-learn programming language. It has a simple syntax and structure with consistent rules, and is also easy to read. You can quickly, and with little effort, develop applications, big and small, for Windows, Unix variants (Linux, FreeBSD, ...) and OS X.

Euphoria was first released as shareware way back in 1993. Nowadays, it is being developed as an open source project that is community driven and maintained. The language has evolved into a sophisticated tool for programmers.

Surprising to many, Euphoria is one of the fastest interpreted languages around however for more speed and ease of distribution Euphoria also includes an integrated Euphoria to C translator. Euphoria provides subscript checking, uninitialized variable checking, garbage collection, and numerous other run-time checks, and is still extremely fast.

Euphoria is a general purpose programming language with a large library base making it usable for a variety of tasks. Its use of simple English words rather than punctuation enables you to quickly read the source code and understand it. Please read some Sample Code for yourself.

Current News

Phix has been updated

Bug fix release - mainly thread safety issues, especially (s)print() and %:opGetST.

pw -c was not creating a gui app system() and system_wait() should now work again on Linux added new builtin functions get_thread_id() and thread_safe_string().

Usual place: http://phix.x10.mx/download.php

Forum Editing

My criteria is:

  • be nice
  • stick to OE and Phix coding issues

I have already deleted several posts. Let us move forward.


Euphoria Fundraising

If you're willing and able to help out, please send funds via PayPal to donations@OpenEuphoria.org.

If you can contribute, thank you! If not, no worries! Please continue to use and enjoy OpenEuphoria!

Thank you!

Older News

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