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Welcome to the Official Euphoria Wiki!


This wiki is maintained by users of the Euphoria programming language. The following main topics are available:

If you are a Euphoria programmer, feel free to help us improve this site. The wiki markup language used in here is Creole and we have some help with how to use creole.

Contact Administrators Directly

You can send an email to just one or all OpenEuphoria administrators.

  • Send an email to openeuphoria@gmail.com
  • The subject must contain, somewhere, in the message subject either:
    • all_admins
    • or an individual forum nickname; for example for "Tom" the nickname is: _tom

For example:

Compose and send emails using your personal email client.

To openeuphoria@google.com
Subject A message for jimcbrown about the server
Message "my message..."


  • This system works even if the o[ website is down.
  • A message subject not containing a nickname or all_admins just vanish.
  • Messages are relayed to the administrators email.
  • How often administrators check their personal email will vary...

Send emails to: openeuphoria@gmail.com


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