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  • This is my firs line
    • The first line is dull
    • The secound line will be dull too
  • This is my second line

one more line

Interwiki link failed for blah:JohnDoe, blah:JohnDoe

Three tildas, ~

Four tildas, ~~

Example of the <eucode> tag

include file.e as file 
puts(1, "Hello World!\n") 

Controversial Entry Keyword

-- NEW  
global function find_all(object x, sequence source, integer from)  
    sequence ret  
    ret = {}  
    while from > 0 with entry do  
        ret &= from  
        from += 1  
        from = find_from(x, source, from)  
    end while  
    return ret  
end function 

You can play here! Change this to be anything you want. Use for learning purposes only, please.

English # Thai
one 1 neung
two 2 song
three 3 saam
four 4 sii
five 5 ha
six 6 hok
seven 7 jet
eight 8 baht
nine 9 kow
ten 10 sip

possible anomalies at time of writing.
triple brace inline is different than on start of line. this may be unavoidable because of the PRE tag?
triple brace at line start will forcing a linebreak

bullet list sub item is working
normal indent is not returning to margin
you have to leave a blank line after an ordered list.

Examples of subscript super deleted inserted script.

Use //italics// for italics Use **bold** for bold

Bullet list:

* Bullet list 
* Second item 
** Sub item ... 

  • Bullet list
  • Second item
    • Sub item

# Numbered list 
# Second item 
## Sub item 

  1. Numbered list
  2. Second item
    1. Sub item
  3. Third item
    1. Sub item
      1. Sub Sub item

Links Link to [[wikipage]]-> Link to wikipage
Links with a name [[URL|linkname]]-> linkname

following apparently creates a new wiki page?
Make a new wiki page: [[wikiTESTpage1]]
Link to wikiTESTpage1

testing long link description while making page/link:
[[Write your own descriptive link text here -> WriteYourDesiredPageNameHere]]
Link to: Write your own descriptive link text here


Large heading: = Large heading->

Large heading

Medium heading: === Medium heading->

Medium heading

Small heading: ==== Small heading->

Small heading

Horizonal line: ---- ->

To force a line break: Force\\Linebreak -> Force

if you see this multiline hidden comments don't work bold either

{{{== [[Nowiki]]: 
//**don't** format// 
 ~}~}~}  w/o ~~~ 
== [[Nowiki]]: 
//**don't** format// 

nested bold italic format

table header
a table row
b table row (tables not implemented yet)

within heaadline parsing optional
=== **not** //parsed// ===
but opening and closing * & \ is consuned. bug?

**not** //parsed//

closing header '=' is optional

**not** //parsed// Creole1.0TestCases


Fixed width font is ##Fixed width text example## Fixed width text example


{{/images/famfam/bug.png|title}}-> Image with title

I have an idea for a new feature for the next major release of Euphoria.

At its heart the idea is simply to create a new built-in global variable that can be accessed by any routine. Beyond that basic idea would be optionally/gradually adding some simple coding to various libraries so as to take advantage of that variable.

Here is a hypothetical example of how this might be used:

==== add_item

include std/sequence.e 
namespace stdseq 
public function add_item(object needle, sequence haystack, integer pOrder = 1) 

Adds an item to the sequence if its not already there. If it already exists in the list, the list is returned unchanged.


  1. needle : object to add.
  2. haystack : sequence to add it to.
  3. order : an integer; determines how the needle affects the haystack. It can be added to the front (prepended), to the back (appended), or sorted after adding. The default is to prepend it.

=====Returns: Bot

  1. A sequence, which is haystack with needle added to it.
  2. The global variable EUXSC will be set as follows:
    1. If needle was successfully added to haystack then EUXSC = 0
    2. If needle was already part of haystack then EUXSC = 1
    3. If needle was not already part of haystack and also failed to be added then EUXSC = -1

can creole add named links on wiki? guess so


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