Historical PriorReleases, Revision 1

Prior Releases of Euphoria

OpenEuphoria 4.0.0-RC2

Released: 12/8/2010

Binary Releases
Platform Description Link
FreeBSD 8.1 tar/gz binary package euphoria-4.0.0.RC2.tar.gz
FreeBSD 8.1 tar/bz2 binary package euphoria-4.0.0.RC2.tar.bz2
Linux 32-bit Debian Package for 32-bit systems euphoria_4.0.0-eu2-RC.2_i386.deb
Linux 64-bit Debian Package for 64-bit systems (32-bit euphoria binaries) euphoria_4.0.0-eu2-RC.2_amd64.deb
Linux 32-bit Generic tar/gz package for 32-bit systems euphoria-4.0.0.RC2.tar.gz
Linux 32-bit Generic tar/bz2 package for 32-bit systems euphoria-4.0.0.RC2.tar.bz2
OS X 10.6 PKG Installer Euphoria-4.0.0.RC2-OSX-10.6.pkg
OS X 10.5 tar/gz binary package euphoria-4.0.0.RC2-OSX-10.5.tar.gz
OS X 10.5 tar/bz2 binary package euphoria-4.0.0.RC2-OSX-10.5.tar.bz2
Windows Windows installer (standard) euphoria-4.0.0.RC2.exe
Windows Windows installer (Open Watcom bundle) euphoria-4.0.0.RC2-ow.exe
Source Releases (Pre-translated)
Platform Link
FreeBSD euphoria-4.0.0.RC2-src.tar.gz
Linux euphoria_4.0.0-eu2-RC.2.tar.gz
NetBSD euphoria-4.0.0.RC2-src.tar.gz
OpenBSD euphoria-4.0.0.RC2-src.tar.gz
OS X euphoria-4.0.0.RC2-src.tar.gz
Documentation (Releases already contain documentation)
Format Download
PDF euphoria-4.0.pdf
PDF - Monochrome euphoria-4.0-monochrome.pdf
HTML euphoria-4.0.RC2-html.zip

OpenEuphoria 4.0.0-RC1

Released: 11/8/2010

OpenEuphoria 4.0b4

Released: 8/29/2010

OpenEuphoria 4.0b3

Released: 3/18/2010

OpenEuphoria 4.0b2

Released: 8/31/2009

OpenEuphoria 4.0b1

Released: 8/11/2009

Euphoria v3

OpenEuphoria 3.1.1

Euphoria 3.1.1 was the last of the 3.x releases. It can be obtained from RapidEuphoria.com.

Euphoria v1 and v2

Rob Craig has kindly given permission for us to host Euphoria file archives. These archives contain files released for versions of Euphoria prior to 3.0. The earliest releases of Euphoria were made available on 3.5" floppy diskettes.

Public Domain versions were restricted in the number of lines you could have for a program. This was to encourage you to buy the Complete Edition.

Complete Edition versions were not limited in any way.

Version Public Domain Complete Edition
2.0 (1998)   http://openeuphoria.org/archive/euphoria-2.0-CE.zip
1.4 (1996) http://openeuphoria.org/archive/euphoria-1.4-PD.zip http://openeuphoria.org/archive/euphoria-1.4-CE.zip
1.3 (1995) http://openeuphoria.org/archive/euphoria-1.3-PD.zip http://openeuphoria.org/archive/euphoria-1.3-CE.zip
1.2 (1994) http://openeuphoria.org/archive/euphoria-1.2-PD.zip http://openeuphoria.org/archive/euphoria-1.2-CE.zip
1.0 (1993) http://openeuphoria.org/archive/euphoria-1.0-PD.zip


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