Euphoria v4.0.0 has been Released

Euphoria 4.0.0 final has been released after a long and hard development cycle. 4.0.0 is the largest ever update to Euphoria. New language constructs, scope visibility modifiers, conditional compilation, performance enhancements, multi-line comments and strings, enumerated values and types, variable assignment on declaration, switch statement, various loop modifiers, user defined pre-processor, unit testing, source code documentation system, coverage analysis, disassembler, direct C compilation via euc, new online and PDF manual and of course a new logo are in addition to the over 800 public members in the new standard library.

The standard library has over 800 public members ranging from simple helpers such as iif() to more complex methods such as full sockets interface, http access, regular expressions, dictionary map structures and much more. To help you navigate this new territory we now have full text searchable documentation, offline downloadable HTML documentation and finally a nicely formatted PDF document for easy reading and printing.

Please enjoy this new monumental release of Euphoria and Download Euphoria today.

Euphoria is a cross platform general purpose procedural programming language that includes one of the fastest interpreters and compilation to native binaries via the included euc tool (Euphoria to C).


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