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Hi Travis

Thanks for the links ! :)
You didn't insolted me.But I doun't speak Russian.

Lep Pozdrav

Travis wrote:
> Howdy Jan!
> >I am wondering if ther is any books for euphoria an if there is a book
> programming with win32lib?
> >If there is where can I get it and what is the price?
> None that I know of, *yet* smile.  But, there are some tutorials in the
> Euphoria archives.  Here are two links:
> :  This link is for the
> "Beginner's Guide to Euphoria" by David Gay.  As the "advertisement"
> suggests, this is an **excellent** tutorial for beginning Euphoria users;
> fact, when I first got Euphoria, I went through the tutorial before I even
> studied the Euphoria documentation.  One drawback is that it is DOS
> oriented, but it will give you a good hold of the basic concepts.
> :  This is a win32lib.ew
> tutorial written by Wolfgang Fritz and Ad Rienks.  After you get done with
> Mr. Gay's tutorial, this tutorial will get you on your way to writing
> Windows apps in Euphoria.
> Unfortunately, both of these tutorials are in English, and as far as I'm
> aware, neither of these tutorials have been translated into Slovenian.  (I
> hope I'm not about to insult you ...) *If you also speak Russian*, you
> want to check out this site as well:
>  Igor Kachan has
> the entire Euphoria site, as well as a lot of the documentation (I
> into Russian.  If my inquiring into whether you speak Russian has offended
> you, I'm sorry ... we don't have too many Slovenians here in my dusty
> of the world.
> Happy Hunting,
> Travis Beaty
> Claude, Texas.
> P.S.  Tone, could you be so kind as to translate this post into Slovenian?

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