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*** Reply to note of 01/31/97 10:33
as one of the guilty parties, i agree that there is an amount of chatter
on this group. i also agree with michael - if we can send personal comments
to /private/ e-mail (or refrain from "witty" rejoinders), it would help a

every now and then, i get depressed and feel like i'm still working with a
"toy" language. despite the speed touted for Euphoria, it is an still only
an interpreted language. i've coded some of the GUI tools in QBASIC. with
the DEFINT option on, they *scream*. in Euphoria, i'm the one screaming: i
can watch the screen being painted as the controls are being drawn.

with game writing, there is always one bottom line - make it faster! if only
for this reason, i think that code written for games is very helpful, because
it pushes the envelope for Euphoria.

i agree that Euphoria is well suited for business applications, and low-end
machines. but i think realistically, there is not a lot of demand for stuff
written in DOS /other/ than games. from a "business" perspective, i think
that you are forced to move to Windows, or die. that may be one of the reasons
you don't see a lot of "B" code. so i'm glad that we're getting hooks to the
win32 toolkit soon.

i'd like to see more "real" applications; certainly they are as difficult
to code. that's one of the reasons i'm putting together the text-GUI stuff:
so people can easily write applications in Euphoria that are palatable to
the general public.

-- david cuny

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