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If I came across as sounding like I am coming down on you, Reaper, please
accept my apologies. That was not my original intention. Part of the
reason for my response was to make sure no negative light was accidentally
being cast on things other than Euphoria as a game machine. I guess I came
across as testy despite my efforts and that was not what I wanted.

The other half of the reason for my reply was observing the current thread
of messages about Euphoria being used to design a killer game. While I
will certainly not hold back praise for Euphoria's graphic
fact, I applaud it, I think we have all missed the point of Euphoria
possibly being a powerful tool for business applications...okay, I said
it, I said the hated "B" word, but it is true if you think about it.

When I first saw Euphoria's use of sequences, the first thing that came to
my mind was the word, "spreadsheet"...and why not??? If you have an array
of values that you can alter with a single line of code, you got yourself
a one line algorithm for spreadsheet cell updating. Boom, one change and
you are done.

Euphoria also can be great for creating a beautiful word processing
program that can easily merge text with graphics without having to spend
the mega bucks on WordPerfect.

The fact we can create virtually any form of record structure, or even a
unique type of variable is invaluable in business database applications.
Euphoria has the potential for programmers to design a database that can
literally bend and reshape itself based on customer and in-house user
demands, without needing to create new programs for each view of a
database. Change the sequence and the program will adjust automatically.

Euphoria is quite portable too. It's simple structure allows you to create
tools to be used again and again in other programs. That's a boon in any
MIS shop where you want to reuse code, but do not want to face the
nightmare scenario where the code may fail due to a slight imperfection,
and finding this out on a crucial overnight or month end job run. It's the
software equivalent of plug and play.

So what do you guys think? Have I got a point or have I truly lost my
mind? ;)

David Gay
"A Beginner's Guide To Euphoria"

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