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Alexander Yakovlev writes:
> But.. I'm *lazy*,
> so I just thought Robert could give us a hint--does RDS plan to
> include an inline assembler in future versions? Just curious. If not,
> have no choice but to go ahead <sigh>.

There definitely won't be an inline assembler in v1.5.
Several people have requested something like this.
It would be very useful for some people.
I also think it would be a fairly big job. I don't expect
that RDS will do it in the forseeable future.
If you need any assistance with it, let me know.

                *** Beta Release ***

v1.5 beta-1 will be out in a couple of weeks.
It will be a full release.
New features, (in addition to tick_rate and
time-profiling of the alpha release) will include:

    * fast bitwise operations on atoms and sequences:
      and/or/xor/not with speed similar to add or subtract -
      i.e. *not* calling machine_func() or machine_proc()
    * arctan
    * support for hardware interrupt handling
    * much faster update of the trace screen in graphics modes
    * small enhancements to ed and install
    * optimizations to speed up many programs by a few percent
    * bug fixes
    * one or two more small items

I imagine that the beta release will be out for a month or so before
the "official" release occurs. Meanwhile RDS will continue to ship
the v1.4b Complete Edition, with an offer of a free download from
the Web of the official v1.5 when it's ready.

A preliminary Windows WIN32 version roughly compatible with
v1.5 for DOS will be released in a few months. It will be rather crude
to start with, but will evolve.

  Rob Craig
  Rapid Deployment Software

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