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> 1. Is there a way to do a transparent color in sprites/bitmaps so that
>    they don't overwrite the background video they're being placed on
>    top of? In basic and c sub's I've seen XON pasting with transparent
>    color codes as a way around this problem.
> 2. Is there any internal coding for sprite collission detection or does
>    this all have to be hand coded?

i'd do all my sprites by hand...  paste them on pixel by pixel which
would allow you to do transparency (check to see if pixel is
transparent)...  if you're doing your game in graphics mode 19 (13h),
i suggest setting up your own library for faster pixel and get_pixel

global procedure pixel(sequence p,object c)
-- p[1] is the x co-ord, [2] is the y
-- c is the colour (or string of colours if you're drawing a
-- horizontal line)
  poke(#A0000 + 320 * p[2] + p[1],c)
end procedure

global function get_pixel(sequence p,integer l)
-- p is the co-ordinates
-- l is the number of pixels to read in (in a horizontal line)
  return peek({#A0000 + 320 * p[2] + p[1],l})
end function

> 3. I see some code for adding sound blaster support but haven't seen
>    any demos that allow for background music or simultaneous sound
>    generation while the program does other things (screen updates, move
>    sprites etc.) Is there anything out there to show this? The same goes
>    for MIDI files or MODs in the background.

that's cos jacques' libraries don't have support for isr (interrupt
service routine) which would allow for a lot better background
playing...  i'm trying to work on a library right now for sb16 use...
just need to try to figure out how to work all this dma stuff :\

> 5. I need some good sample code to help me decide if Euphoria is going
>    to have the speed/capabilities to do what I want. The samples in
>    the package are good and show off a lot of the language's capabilities
>    but I'd like to see something a bit more complicated like games, larger
>    menuing programs etc. Where can I find code like this? I've checked the
>    suggested Lord Generic page but everytime I try to retreive code the
>    web site gives me an "page unfound" error. Are these files archived
>    somewhere else?

well i'm afraid i can't offer you anything right now...  i'm working
on a tracker right now (to write MODs and similar formats) which is
why i'm working on the sb16 library...  i'll tell you when i'm done

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