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I do not want to start a flame war over this, I can see your point.
But my point really is, that a large part of Euphoria's beauty is,
apart from lists, sorry sequences, in its simplicity. Anybody with a
background in one of the more common imperative languages (Basic, C,
Pascal, Fortran, etc) can start using it within half an hour, or
whatever it takes to scan the first part of the manual. And the CASE
statement you are advocating, has a pretty limited application,
depending, of course, on one's programing style. It is ok if the case
expression results in an integer. In other words, it is fine, if e.g.
you want to do something on Day 1, something else on Day 2 and 5, but
you are completely stuffed, if you want to program on Sunday only if
the weather is foul! Using the if clause, you simply tag the condition
on. But I might be wrong, again...

I like your pre-processor, that's ok, because it is an optional extra
and, more importantly, completely transparent. But I would not use it,
too much of a hassle, unless of course you can give us my favourite
conditional statement with the test at bottom of the loop, sort of
'repeat .. until'. But Robert has already stolen the 'repeat' part for
something else, so perhaps 'loop until'?   Jiri.

And while I am at it, thanks to Jacques for his compliment (I wish I
could do things like his soundblaster routines!), and also many thanks
to Robert for the high resolution timer (tick_rate()).   Jiri.

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