OidZone and Crash Course update

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Hi.  Sorry you haven't heard much from me in the last couple of months.
I've been helping out at my sisters company full time (50-60 hrs a week)
and consequently, haven't had enough oomph left in me to keep up the
rigorous writing schedule.  My time with them is over, and I'm gearing up
for the new year.  I'm knee deep building my new production facility,
which should be completed by Jan 1. Starting then, I will be back in the
OidZone and will be producing the next series of Crash Course lessons.  I
hope to get back to one per week on those before too long.

The new Studio will be cool.  We'll be able to do Digital Video AND Audio
(cd-quality, 3D sound), as well as the CGI stuff I normally do, along with
the game production.  I will also be able to keep my web site updated
weekly or better.  I will be doing more Euphoria trailblazing too, I
intend to put up at least one interesting thing for you to play with per
week.  Up till now my office space was so crowded, I had to put my
keyboard up on my monitor to have enough room to write a check!  Now I
can spread out a little and can do my work without having to jury-rig
all the hardware EVERY time I need to do something.

I'm planning to have 5 games released in the first quarter of 1997, mostly
arcade games using the OidZone Sprite Engine, then later we'll move into
cd-rom game production in house.  We'll have special Programmer's lessons
for each game for a nominal fee. ($40 for the first game pack (design
spec, theory, line by line explaination of every routine), then $20 for
each additional programmer game pack you get)

Things are looking bright.  At least I have a busy production schedule
starting Jan 1.

BTW if anyone can give me a more accurate way of determining elapsed time
in Euphoria (I need at least .01 second accuracy) I can make OZ run faster
on slower machines. (by dynamically changing the object speeds as the
frame rate changes)  No brainer solutions are preferable. (like make an
include file that does all it needs to and one Euphoria statement for me
to call to make it work. =)

Michael Packard
Lord Generic Productions
lgp at exo.com http://exo.com/~lgp
A Crash Course in Game Design and Production

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