Re: Next Release: Euphoria 3.0, not 2.6

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Vincent wrote:

> I believe the next release to be Euphoria v3.0, because
> the release after v1.5 was v2.0.
> Robert will need to follow that pattern from now on.
> I have given Robert LOTS of feature & improvement ideas
> (alot from OpenEU language spec, but many from myself).
> Others have given many suggestions too. I would be happy
> if he used only a few of them, plus his own. The rest
> being enhancements, internal changes/improvements, and
> bug fixes. Robert now has what he needs to make strategic
> decisions for the major release.
> A standard library project is a very good idea. For features
> that shouldnt be implemented in the language, but what people
> still want (keep the language simple, clean, and small).

You are more than welcome to join the project. smile

> However
> that is no excuse for Robert to slack off on developing a good
> products for v3.0.

That's true, of course. Several issues (such as forward referencing,
'continue' keyword and others) can't be addressed by a Standard Library.

> I will switch to PureBasic and Java, if Euphoria v3.0 doesn't
> satisfy me. So best of luck to Robert Craig and Junko C. Miura.

Imagine this:
In ten years or so, an enthusiastic newbie (I think most of us have been
enthusiasic when we were new to Euphoria.) posts on EUforum:
"Hi there, I'm new to Euphoria. In general I like the language, but I'm
missing a 'continue' keyword."
Who of us would want to go through that discussion the next ten yars? smile


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