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One implementation suggestion would be to create an ALIAS function that
would allow struct like tags to access common sequences.

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From: Cox Family < at SK.SYMPATICO.CA>
Date: Sunday, January 10, 1999 11:26 AM
Subject: Structures (WAS Re: Memory)

>Dear Euphorians,
>Irv Mullins explained:
>> >And while I'm at it, can anyone tell me specifically what the term
>> >'structure' means ? Example; is it related to code or data? Please
>> >convert your answear to my 2-digit IQ format smile
>> Both. A structure is a way to "package" variables so they can be
>> handled more conveniently.
>> Example in unEuphoria code:
>>   structure customer
>>      sequence name, addr, city, state, zip, phone
>>      integer age
>>   end structure
>> You could make assignments as follows:
>> = "John Smith"
>> = "555-1212"
>>    customer.age = 23
>> and write to disk as puts(fn, customer)
>> or assign the whole thing in one swell foop: thiscustomer = customer
>> which does the same as:
>> =
>>   thiscustomer.addr = customer.addr
>> = so on.
>As Irv pointed out, structures are a way of conveniently handling
>variables. I was surprised when I started learning Euphoria (I still
>am ) that I couldn't find a structure (or struct, or TYPE, depending
>on your background) statement in Euphoria. I would be in favour
>of implementing this into a later Euphoria version, if possible. IMO, it
>doesn't 'dirty up' the code by making it too complex, but rather
>(like stated above) gives the programmer one more way of handling
>variables, and a clean, clear way of doing it at that. Any opinions on
>Chris Cox
> at

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