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Carl R. White wrote:

> Sorry, the servers here went down. The link is up and running again
> now.

Yup. I found that out after many a frantic visit to the RUC page.
I couldn't find it anywhere, and it is (IMHO) the best editor I've
used for Eu yet. [as I'm not that big a Windows freak] I started to
wonder if I'd ever get my project done w/o it. <big_sigh_of_relief>

> Also, I've put a Unix 'less' clone up on my site. It's the link below
> my version of EE & toolkit. Well, I have to show I wasn't asleep over
> Xmas don't I? :)

Hey hey, not too shabby! ;) I'm still trying to work on my latest
project -- a remake of the classic text game, 'Drugwars.' I had started
a version in QBasic for computer science, (the sorriest excuse for a
class we have -- Qbasic and WordPerfect 5.1 are taught. Fairly sad in
1999..) but did a craptacular job of it and ran out of space. But, then
I started into a Eu version, thinking ahead, planning, and using space
wisely. It'll still be sloppy (as my 1st piece of large Eu coding), but
it should turn out better than the QB one. [uhh..bad coding..<shudder>]

> PS Just checked out the RUC page. Seems like I'm competing with
> Jaques' Hex Viewer. Now, do I re-use his codebase (not that I'd do
> anEEthing like thatkit), or keep developing GormLESS? ;)

I noticed the competition. What to do, what to do? ;.) Keep at it, and
see ya later!

Chris Cox at

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