Re: A 3D-Modeling Languaje with Euphoria

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>  this would be an example of the languaje i want to create, my problem is
>  how can i do the visor with his movementes left, right, foward, back.
>  And interact whit the objects, i mean, if there is a block in front of
>  the "walker" (user) then, we couldn't go throw it, like a wall.
>  Well this is all, I hope somebody would help me. Thank you a lot.

I'm not too up to speed on 3-D worlds modelling languages, so what I have
to say may not help too much, but I am going to try.

Euphoria's sequence variables, particularly those that contain a 3-D array,
would be perfect for what you would want to do. Your universe would consist
of a 3 level sequence where each individual atom would represent a unit of
measurement of space, like an inch or centimeter. Each atom would have one
of two values...1 for occupied space, 0 for open space. Any shapes that
exist in this world would have a series of values set to 1 across a subset
of sequence values. Thus, in order for you to move around in this world,
you simply adjust the x,y, and z positions that represent your location in
the 3-D sequence. This would give you the ability to fly as offered in most
3-D engines. Any values set to 1 would mean space you cannot move into.

As I said, this is only a sketch based on my minimal understanding of 3-D
worlds. I hope someone would add more useful data to what I have offered to
help you.


David Gay
"A Beginner's Guide To Euphora"

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