Euphoria version 1.5 beta

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Version 1.5 beta is now on the Official Euphoria Web page.

Anyone who registered after December 28, 1996 can download
the Complete Edition for v1.5 beta. Just send me an e-mail request
and I'll reply with the instructions.

Lately the Compuserve server that hosts the Web page has been
even slower than usual. I'm going to upload the 1.5 beta .ZIP file to
another Web site as well, so you can try a different link (AOL)
if Compuserve is too frustrating.

Here's the RELNOTES.DOC file,
showing all the improvements since 1.4b:

                        Euphoria Version 1.5 beta-1
                             February 17, 1997
                               Release Notes
 Version 1.5 beta-1:

 * The following library routines have been added. They are described fully
   in library.doc.

        save_screen - saves all or part of the screen as a .BMP file
                      (thanks to Junko Miura of RDS)

        arctan      - arctangent

        and_bits    - bitwise AND
        or_bits     - bitwise OR
        xor_bits    - bitwise XOR
        not_bits    - bitwise NOT

        get_vector  - get address of current interrupt handler
        set_vector  - set new address for interrupt handler
        lock_memory - lock a region of memory so it can't be swapped out

 * A demo program has been added that shows how to redirect a hardware
   interrupt to your own machine-code handler. See demo\hardint.ex

 * The trace screen is updated much faster in graphics modes. Also, in modes
   that can only show 40 characters or less of text per line, the line number
   has been dropped so there's more room to display your source code.

 * Registration information has been moved to a new directory called REGISTER.
   The program HOW2REG.EX will assist you in choosing the most convenient
   way to register or upgrade. It can even make an order form for you.
   (thanks to Junko Miura of RDS)

 * Help text displayed in ed is now shown in a new edit window, so you can
   continue to view your program while reading the help text.

 * A customizable command (F12) has been added to ed. It's set up to
   comment-out the current line, but you can easily change it to perform
   any series of keystrokes. See ed.doc.

 * Euphoria will switch to a clear, text-mode screen before printing
   your "crash message" - see crash_message().

 * Some extra optimizations have been added. Many programs now run a few
   percent faster, particularly on Pentium systems.

 * Warnings about "the value assigned to variable x is not used" have been
   eliminated. They were almost always just a nuisance, and did not
   indicate a real problem. You will still be warned about variables or
   constants that you declare but never use.

 * The "Press Enter" prompt that would sometimes appear after an error has
   been eliminated.

 * The time profiling feature has been improved since the alpha release.
   It now requires less memory. If you got a "subprogram is too large"
   error, try again, it will probably work now.

 * install.ex now handles the case of no autoexec.bat file, or no
   PATH command in autoexec.bat, and gives a better warning if you
   try to run install.ex again after you've already installed.

 * BUG FIXED: The line number information on a run-time error trace-back
   was often incorrect for programs larger than about 5000 statements.
   The time profile for such a program could also show incorrect values.

 * BUG FIXED: bind would fail when the last line of a file was lacking
   a \n character. (with ed or MS-DOS edit this can't happen, but it can
   with some other editors)

 * BUG FIXED: bind ..\..\myprog  would fail to automatically add the
   ".ex" suffix to myprog

 * BUG FIXED: characters greater than 127 inside a double-quoted string
   had 2's complement negative values (they would still print ok).
   Inside a single-quoted constant they were positive as they should be.

 * BUG FIXED: During tracing, pokes to the screen would display characters
   immediately on the trace screen, instead of the main output screen.
   Similarly, peeks would read from the trace screen instead of from the
   main screen.

 Version 1.5 alpha-1:

 * You can now get accurate time profiles, in addition to the statement-count
   profiles that were previously available. Use: with profile_time

 * You can use tick_rate() to control the rate at which clock-tick
   interrupts occur on your system while your program is running.
   This lets you improve the precision of the time() routine, as well as
   giving you more accurate time profiles.

 * ex.exe now uses 4 bytes less memory for each floating-point number and
   4 bytes less memory for each sequence. e.g. a value such as: {1.3, -8.9}
   would require 12 bytes less memory.

 * The "Viper" video card is now better supported for SVGA modes.

 * display_image() and save_image() have been sped up by about 5 to 10

 * A bug was fixed. It could cause ex.exe to crash when a variable
   was initialized with extremely large amounts of data at the top-level
   of a program.



  Rob Craig
  Rapid Deployment Software

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