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On Sun, 16 Feb 1997, The Reaper wrote:
> Jacques' code is nice, it is rather bulky and it's SOMEONE ELSE's code,
> which I don't like using. However, in a game like Snakers!, I didn't
> have much choice...

I cannot disagree with you more on all points.

1) The interface code to use Jacques routines is TINY, like 5 lines to
load all your sounds, and one include file. Then it's
PlaySoundEffect(SoundEffects[3]) to play sound 3, say.
I don't see bulky.  I see elegant and painless to add to your code.  I
asked Jacques how to make it work and he gave me the 5 line snippet I cut
and pasted into OZ and it worked the first time.

2) So it's someone else's code!  As far as anyone is concerned, Jacques'
code was a STANDARD include from the day he released it. Why reinvent the
wheel, when we have something that works great?  If you know a BETTER way
to do something, that's a different thing, but just because someone else
wrote it doesn't justify boycotting it.

On a similar note, I consider the sound code as developed FOR OidZone as
much as anything else.   When OZ began production there was NOTHING for
soundblaster.  I asked (the world) for Sound Blaster support and a couple
weeks later I got alphas of the code from Jacques. As far as I know I was
the first aside from him to use the code in anything anyone on here saw.
OZ's first alpha had soundblaster support.  Peter Blue beat me to the
punch getting his Space Invaders out first. (dang! =)

It is IMPORTANT FOR THE EXPANSION OF EUPHORIA that people build routines
that others can use in their code.  I've been writing like mad all week
getting the OidZone Programmer's Reference sufficiently detailed in the
code explanation.  My own goal in all I do is to get us all working
together as we explore what Euphoria can do.  If you want to do the things
I've done, I'll show you, as long as you show me how you took it to the
next level.  When you get source code from me, you also get a complete
license to use it any way you want royalty free. (you can pay me
royalties if you want!)

Michael Packard
Lord Generic Productions
lgp at
A Crash Course in Game Design and Production

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