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Hi Micheal,

   I'm presently studiing Dos extender.   I think that Causeway is
reprogramming the programmable interrupt controller to redirect IRQ to
non standard software interrupt. Normally IRQ 0-7 are link to INT #A-#10
and IRQ8-15 to INT #70-#77. This week I read that some dos extender
reprogram PIC so that IRQ point to other INT. it's probably why my
interrupt work fine when I call the INT but it doesn't work when sound
card trigger an IRQ (it doesn't goes to the standard INT) I have no Idea
how long it will take me to solve that problem.

  I did'nt gave up yet.

The best I can do for your game sound problem his to send you a version
of the include file.  which can play wave file without using IRQ.
The problem with it is that if the file is bigger than the dma buffer
size (64KB maximum) you can't play it in back ground. the program have
to loop to watch the end of dma transfert and then load the buffer with
the next wave segment before calling PlayBuffer().

But if the wave data is smaller than 64KB you can play it in background.
In a game I think the best way to use it is to allocate one buffer for
each sound
effect and load the waves in it. then call PlayBuffer() with the
specific buffer address when needed.

I'll send you a zip file containing all the includes needed to play wave
and the demo
program to your e-mail at   You need a sound blaster card to
use it.

Known bug: ResetDSP() fail to reset dsp sometimes on first call.  Then
on second call
it work. I don't why.

So I sent this code to you as is. Hoping you could do some sound test in
your game.


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