Euphoria version 1.4b

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New maintenance release of Euphoria

There's a new release of EUPHOR14.ZIP on the Euphoria WEB page:

Registered users of version 1.4 or 1.4a can upgrade to
the 1.4b Complete Edition for free. Just send email to
me at 72614.1667 at and you'll be told how
to download it.

The following bug fixes and minor improvements have been made
since 1.4a. Bigger improvements are planned for a future release.

 * Assignment statements of the form:  s[a..b] = i
   where i has an integer value, were performed correctly but with
   a side-effect that could cause the program to crash later on.
   This has been fixed. The recent discovery of this bug triggered
   this maintenance update. A few programs in the .ZIP distribution
   use this kind of assignment but with no bad effect.

 * poke(a, s) where s is a sequence containing some non-integer values,
   was failing to convert floating-point values to integers and was not
   complaining about sequence values contained in s. This has been fixed.

 * in some cases bind.ex was not automatically adding ".ex" to the filename
   when you tried to bind a program that was not in the current directory.
   This has been fixed.

 * mset.ex has a more visible selector box on it's grid.

 * ed.ex now allows special characters greater than ASCII 127 to be entered by
   pressing the ALT key and typing digits on the numeric keypad.

 * ed will now display the error message and line of error even if the
   offending file was included using a filename extension of ".E" rather than
   the standard ".e".

 * eprint.ex now resets the printer back to normal after printing in
   condensed mode.

The changes to ed consist of just a few lines. Hopefully it
won't cause problems for those of you who are making your own
improved versions of ed.

Rob Craig
Rapid Deployment Software

   Peter Blue has written a nice .FLI (Autodesk) animation player
   in Euphoria. I'll get it onto the WEB page soon.

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