Re: What are you people doing with Euphoria?

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> Hey,  we need more Euphoria web pages.  Seems like there are only

Agree, but too much gives some scattering of information.

> 6 or 7 pages in the whole world.  I know there are a LOT of people out
> there using euphoria. I saw at least 70 names on this list last time I

I would like to but I,m not so fast and busy as you are. My code
takes some time. Sometimes I think that you have 5 times more time to
spend coding in Euporia and a 10 times faster thinking process than
I have. So I'm very selective where I spend my time at.

I can tell you that I'm interested in databases. So likely I spend
my time on making access modules for indexfiles and databases. Now
I'm waiting for some code David Gay is making for accessing
indexfiles and stuff like that. I hope it's allmost ready. Maybe he
has an anouncement in the mail I've still to read yet.

> display your tests, sample code, stupid demos, game ideas ANYTHING.
> We need more cool apps.

If something is ready I'll certainly put some code on the mailer.

> I've been way busy working at a job site lately, so the lesson is late.
> I'm sorry for the delay.  I expect it to be up late saturday night.

He, get some sleep man......

> I'm hoping to get some serious updates made to OidZone this weekend. All
> features should be in in one form or another by monday or tuesday.  If
> everyone who downloaded the alpha would send me some feedback,
> comments,
> or wishlists it would be a real help.  I want it to be killer.

Again, the same.

> by the way, would someone be so kind as to e-mail me a patched ed.ex with
> a good file selector?  I'd rather spend my very limited programming time
> getting OidZone ready for beta testing, than patching and debugging ed.
> I'd probably screw it up.

Marcel Kollenaar
M.Kollenaar at

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