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On Wed, 9 Oct 1996, Monty King wrote:
>         Hi Michael,
>                 I was over installing a scanner for my brother in law to be,
> and when we got done with everything, I downloaded oidzone and showed it to
> him.  He thought it was pretty cool.  I'll tell you it is VERY snappy on his
> Pentium 75, with 8 megs.  The animations were smooth as silk, and the
> movement of the ship was SNAPPY!
>         Well, there is my feedback, I will send you the $40.00 when I can
> get it, I need that code for my kickin game to be.
>         Much reguards...
> Monty (from the oidzone)
I've been in the OidZone way too much today.  Instead of writing this
weeks lesson, I've been playing OidZone amazed at how cool its turning
out. It's working pretty much exactly as I designed it, and better than I
expected. I really dig the sprite engine I developed in 6 HOURS. ok, its
based on everything I've done so far, but its a totally new approach for
me and its way faster than I expected it to be.  Once I optimize my
code\paradigm it should be even more efficient, and without the weird
corner artifact problem.

I'm really glad its working on other people's machines too. =) Thank you
Robert Craig for giving us a stable platform for development.

So far the only complaints are:
The ship is too small
The ship is too red you lose it with the background
There aren't enough angles to turn, it's too abrupt. (there are 8 angles)
You can't turn and fire at the same time.
The collision ship\shot\oid collision detection isn't that good

I like the ship size. I may change the color or darken the background. I
will probably go up to 16 angles for the ship.  It doesn't change the code
at all, just the numbers in the thrust table.  Obviously the collision
stuff will get better as I figure out how to do it, er, REFINE MY

As for new stuff, A real font will be added for scoring and high score
tables etc. next week.  The cheesy print score thing I'm using now sucks
hard.  I'm also adding a cool JUMP anim when you go to\from hyperspace.
The spare ships under the score will spin around while you play as well.
Speed throttling will be added sooner or later to slow down the warp speed
flying with only a few oids, and frame skipping will speed up when there's
lots of oids on the screen.  When Jacques gets the wav player working,
sound goes in. I have a great wav that says "You Suck!  Try Again!"

duh, also the AI ships will be added soon too.  As I get pieces added I'll
put up new revs.
Hidden Feature - If you hit the B key while you play your ship goes BOOM.
I stuck it in to check the explosion routine before I added collision
detection and forgot to take it out before binding the executable.

Oiding around
lgp at

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