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On Tue, 26 Mar 1996, William Eiten wrote:
> I know you've posted some stuff up about virtual screens before, and apologize
> for you having to answer it a gazillion times, but I didn't have that e-mail
> anymore.  I think with that info and some of my old QBASIC stuff, I should be
> able to figure it out.  Even if you had mentioned looking in your book I
> wouldn't have minded.  But I could probably wait for the tutorial things to
> finish for what I'm doing.  If anyone would like more details about my game, I
> would be glad to answer any questions.  I might not be able to answer it all
> mainly because I have just recently started on it.  But what I have planned,
> and what I have already started is looking pretty good.  And again, thanks for
> the help.

Even when I TYPE I put my foot in my mouth!  No apology was necessary, and
I offer one back for giving the impression I don't like to tell people
helpful things. =)  I hope it helped.  I just get weird when people give
me flack for telling people about the book I wrote to help people learn
game programming in Euphoria.  What's worse is that I had nothing to do
with this thread starting, other than telling Lucius that I'd pay for a
gif loader.  I still would, because the bmp format is less useful to me
than GIF.

I personally would LOVE to see what you're working on, and toss ideas at
you if you can use them.  I'm also looking for submissions if anyone
wants to market their games...

Michael Packard
Lord Generic Productions
lgp at
A Crash Course in Game Design and Production

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