Re: pastebin crash

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katsmeow said...

I see no reference in the error code to clue me in on what to not do.


Yeah, understandably frustrating. We're not very good at taking the MySQL error and making it into something more sensible. And furthermore it shouldn't have been an error at all, that sort of thing should have just worked.

katsmeow said...

The text i was trying to upload was 100% compatible with 16/32 bit win95 and 8-bit text editors of the day.

That's true. The problem, as described in the link I posted earlier, is that the default character encoding used by MySQL doesn't support certain 8bit values. Some 8bit values are not allowed under UTF-8 at all; others do work but require more bytes than MySQL allows for. Meanwhile 95 and the 8bit text editors of the time easily supported all possible 8bit values either under some kind of "extended ASCII" guise or else some other encoding like Latin-1. These are oddly more permissible (any combination of 8bits is valid) but also have fewer overall characters than UTF-8.

katsmeow said...

And being it contains an irc interface, it was and is acsii/ansi compatible as far as i know.

I'm guessing 8bit extended ascii? Something 7bit acsii compatible shouldn't have triggered this sort of error. But I vaguely recall that some extended 8bit values were sometimes used for screen control..or to render some slightly fancier graphics on what was otherwise a text console.

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