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I have recently uploaded version 3.0 of my Hypatia RPN Calculator, www.hypatia-rpn.net. I'm mentioning it here because a) it’s entirely written in Phix, and b) because it’s a console program.

I know that the prevailing opinion here is that no one is interested in console programs anymore, and that therefore the fact that Phix can be used to write them is of little importance. But, (if the server statistics can be trusted) Hypatia has more than 200 downloads per month, in the past month (December 2023) for instance there were 406. What I do not get is feedback — there may be thousands of people out there who use it, who may or may not be happy with it, or there may be zero, I do not know. But, the program gets downloaded, it works, it has a lot of features that are not easily found anywhere else, and I think it is reasonably useful. That it doesn’t have a GUI is because I wouldn’t know how to write it, but also because, the way it works, it doesn’t need one. (The interface depends on video_config, get_position and position, though.)

What I’m trying to argue here is that console programs have a right to exist, that Phix is perfectly suited to create them (a few things didn’t work as I wanted with Euphoria), and that this is an important feature of Phix which I think deserves to be appreciated. Or, just let me say that I appreciate it. Thank you!


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