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ghaberek said...

Sure enough, selecting only "Wiki" and clicking Refresh causes an internal error.

That page I did as a bit of a rush job so it needs a lot of polish. In particular I never tested out that scenario so it's probably something like getting the first element of an empty sequence or getting the value of a variable that was never initialized (with the initialization only happening when forum posts are selected).

ghaberek said...

I'm not even sure what that page is supposed to do.

It shows things that are awaiting moderation. (This is to be distinguished from things that have been deleted - a soft delete is something that can happen after a post goes live, but awaiting moderation is a status that occurs before a post is allowed to go live.)

The wiki doesn't have or support this status so it doesn't make much sense, but I add some thoughts about it below.

ghaberek said...

Maybe if Jim sees this he can shed some light on it on the intended behavior here.


It's from the era of "extraordinary measures" aka "extended moderation" - it's meant as a check against abuse of moderator and admin powers by showing what forum posts have not been approved yet for those accounts which these measures apply. (Which is zero, now.) It was a compliment to adding the "Recently Deleted" page (which provides visibility into which forum posts were recently removed.)

The rest of the forum does soft-deletes on things like forum posts and ticket comments, but wiki articles are not soft deleted yet.

So philosophically speaking, checking on non-forum things should return those things which are awaiting moderation in that category - ticket comments that require approval before becoming public, etc. However this was never implemented for anything other than forum posts.

So probably it show not show anything at all (since there's nothing in the wiki that's actually awaiting moderation), but just be a blank search page with zero results.

Alternatively, as part of the polishing process, maybe the "wiki" option should be dropped from this page, since it's not applicable here yet.

As a practical matter, I copied recent.wc over to make this page, so once the bug is fixed, it might just show all wiki articles like the normal recent.wc

Actually the bug might be related to the fact that the wiki doesn't support soft-deletion.

(The rule in the database is that 0 = public, 1 = soft-deleted, anything else = awaiting moderation. Also note that I never wrote the mod/admin pages to set or update these statuses, aside from deleting a post. Undeleting or approving a post requires directly updating the database manually.)

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