Re: Bass Library?

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ron77 said...

hello I answered to you by email (sent you a mail to your profile address)

Probably better if we communicate here: we've got nothing to hide, someone else might take an interest
and maybe even chip in at some point with a fix for something stumping both of us two, or while I sleep.
It's actually been quite a while since I wrote any Eu-compatible code, so I might need the odd correction.

ron77 said...

bass.e:21 <0069>:: expected ',' or ')'

Ah yes, Eu uses iif() whereas Phix can use that or iff(). Will correct that.

ron77 said...

I tried to run AudioOverlapLoop.exw

Good choice, the AudioAlarm example I linked would be nightmarish to get working on Eu, since my pGUI.e
is strictly Phix-only, and it would be much easier to start that from scratch, or translate a C sample.

ron77 said...

sudo cp /usr/local/lib (to copy bass library into linux lib)
sudo chmod a+rx /usr/local/lib/ (to load the lib)
sudo ldconfig (to autoconfig)

That'll do nicely, thanks. I've updated the PCAN page
(Obviously you just need bass.e and don't need and can ignore the binaries)

Ah, I forgot the updated sample:

constant dl = `Download rosetta\bass\ from` 
--/**/constant ftok = get_file_type("bass")=FILETYPE_DIRECTORY 
include std/filesys.e -- file_type() 
include std/console.e -- wait_key() 
constant ftok = file_type("bass")=2 
if not ftok then crash(dl) end if 
include bass\bass.e 
BASS_Init(-1, 44100) 
for i=1 to 5 do 
    atom filePlayerHandle = BASS_StreamCreateFile(false, `bass\Scream01.mp3`) 
end for 
integer k = wait_key() 

If that doesn't work, can you try replacing two lines near the top of bass.e with these:

libnames = {sprintf(`bass\%d\bass.dll`,{machine_bits()}),""}, 
libname =  libnames[lwdx], 
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