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hi everyone i've been looking into how can I use and play sound and music with my programs... i like to make simple text games with sample royalty-free music or sounds and in freeBASIC there are some nice libraries to use (external ones) for both 32bit and 64bit both windows and linux - now I've looked into the github of euphoria and yes there are libraries for sound and music playing such as SDL2_mixer however there are recommended to 32 bit not for 64 bit and I'm on 64 bit Linux OS... anyway I've been thinking about translating with the help of someone the header of Bass Library from C to Euphoria to use with the actual library...

for those who are not familiar Bass is a good sound/music library that is very easy to use with other languages - it is written entirely in C and can play mp3 wav m4a ogg files and many other formats it has versions for win32 Linux 64 bit macOS freeDOS and many other OS's it's also very portable... I've personally used bass library both in C and in freeBasic programs/games I think it would be a good addition to the euphoria github project...

what do you think?

here is the link to the library: Bass Libray Site

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