Re: OpenEuphoria Survey 2023

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I noticed you listed many options for each question, of 3rd party programs (apps). While not casting aspersions, i cannot help but see how complicated one can make programming be, even when using a simple language. There were a number of online repositories listed, but not the pastey page on this site, which has been used only 10 times since January 2021. While i have a wishlist for programming features, i cannot get past the page one required questions that require answers. Because i was spending more time than desired on ways to get around features others wanted, i essentially quit programming years ago. When i want some code to have the computer do something, i don't want to use any programming aid apps from 3rd parties, nor need to ask why something is not working "properly" in a forum where there's personal attacks on why i'd want to do whatever. So, the survey doesn't fit me.

It's like "why can't OE tell me the garage door is open?" or the basement lights are on, or the water pump is running, or a fan has stopped, or the wind is from the north? And why can't OE change those conditions? What do you mean by "Perl doesn't do that, so OE shouldn't either", or "you need an account at some website to download, and can use only linux"? But, i didn't see those questions on page one of the survey, and that's as far as i could go.


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