FFI Library is Gold!

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Hey all,

So I wanted to see how much Greg's FFI Euphoria library would help with wrapping SFML. To my surprise it has helped a lot. For example

--Wrapper Code 
include std/ffi.e 
include Window.e 
public constant sfVideoMode = define_c_struct({ 
	C_UINT, --width 
	C_UINT, --height 
	C_UINT --bitsPerPixel 
export constant xsfRenderWindow_create = define_c_func(gfx,"+sfRenderWindow_create",{sfVideoMode,C_STRING,C_UINT32,C_POINTER},C_POINTER) 
public function sfRenderWindow_create(sequence mode,sequence title,atom style,atom set) 
	return c_func(xsfRenderWindow_create,{mode,title,style,set}) 
end function 
--Simple Example 
include std/ffi.e 
include System.e 
include Window.e 
include Event.e 
include Graphics.e 
sequence mode = {1024,720,32} --width,height,-bitsPerPixel 
atom win = sfRenderWindow_create(mode,"Simple Example",sfClose,0) 
atom evt = allocate_struct(sfEvent) 
atom evt_type = 0 
while sfRenderWindow_isOpen(win) do 
	while sfRenderWindow_pollEvent(win,evt) do 
		evt_type = peek_type(evt,C_INT) 
		if evt_type = sfEvtClosed then 
		end if 
	end while 
end while 

Not all of my code is shown, but I'm sure from what I've posted, you can notice the changes compared to how my old wrapper was written. I mostly did this as a test and out of boredom. I'm not sure how much I'll continue it, but I may. Also, the FFI library has proven to be coding gold, special thanks to Greg for making it.

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