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D'ya think that will stand out?

AmigaBASIC, Applesoft BASIC, Aquarius BASIC, Atari BASIC, B4J, B4X, BASIC, Basic09, BASIC256, Batari Basic, BBC BASIC, BootBASIC, Casio BASIC, Chipmunk Basic, Commodore BASIC, Craft Basic, Creative Basic, EhBASIC, FreeBASIC, FutureBasic, FUZE BASIC, GB BASIC, GFA Basic, GLBasic, GW-BASIC, Integer BASIC, IS-BASIC, IWBASIC, Liberty BASIC, LibreOffice Basic, Locomotive Basic, MelonBasic, Microsoft Small Basic, Minimal BASIC, MSX Basic, Nascom BASIC, NS-HUBASIC, OeBasic, OxygenBasic, Palo Alto Tiny BASIC, PowerBASIC, PureBasic, QB64, QBasic, QL SuperBASIC, QuickBASIC, Quite BASIC, REALbasic, Run BASIC, S-BASIC, Script Basic, ScriptBasic, Sinclair ZX81 BASIC, Smart BASIC, SmileBASIC, Superbase BASIC, TechBASIC, TI-83 BASIC, TI-89 BASIC, Tiny BASIC, Tiny Craft Basic, True BASIC, Turbo-Basic XL, VB6, VBA, VBScript, Visual Basic, Visual Basic .NET, Wee Basic, XBasic, Yabasic, ZX Spectrum Basic

Better Than Basic
I Can't Believe It's Not Basic
The Quite Delightful And Actually Enjoyable Programming Language
The Tell Me What Just Went Wrong In A Human Readable Way Programming Language
Quite Simply The Best Ever Programming Language, That Is Apart From Phix, Obviously

If I jot down a list of recent-ish programming languages that (imo) gained fairly impressive traction:

Go, Kotlin, Lua, Phix, Python, Racket, Ruby, Rust, Scheme.

It becomses rather hard to claim it is the name that matters, or makes any difference whatsoever.
(PS I was being rather sarcastic with one of the entries in that list, can you spot which one?)

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