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irv said...

Ethernet hubs are ~ $15 new, and free at your local thrift store or from the dumpster at computer stores. Way cheaper than a Raspberry Pi.

This turned out just the way I thought it would. There's always an excuse.

This is an area of discussion i did not bring up. And i am not inexperienced in it, i have reels of various cable, and an ethernet termination tool i bought (and have used to wire the house) 20+ years ago. And a few boxes of DB-xx connectors, DSL transformers, optocouplers, etc etc.. I do not feel all that compelled to list every freaking detail that might possibly influence a decision, ranked by your criteria. "Cost" is more than just money cost.

I am not going to put mustard on my cheeseburger no matter how cheap it is to buy, and i am not telling you my "excuse" for that.

And btw, the local thrift store would sometimes rather smash and bin stuff than sell it, because of the labor cost to put it on the shelf, and enter it into the inventory computer, and the liability they'd incur for it being possibly dangerous due to defect, and etc.. Even tho i was right there already with cash in hand. There was a separate bin for clothes, which was sold for pennies per ton, to China, while people out in the store were fretting over the $2 cost of a shirt, and store employees marked up jeans to $5.

Why do you insist on dragging threads so far off-topic?


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