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So many questions...

ChrisB said...

Again, you have to set and read the pins individually with wiringPi.

But is single-pin access the only method OE can read/write the GPIO? That tells me the max byte speed is less than 1/8 the max bit speed. The Youtube video is saying Python can read bytes at a time, and one of the sites Greg pointed to says the port can be accessed in 8-, 16-, 24-, and 32-bit bytes! Or is that the function of a software layer that only Python has? OE cannot wrap that? or call it from outside?

ChrisB said...

Do you have a raspberry Pi - if so the best suggestion I can make is set it up and experiment. Would be happy to handhold and guide you through a setup if you haven't done so already.

Yes, i have a working V4, not set up down here at the moment tho. My first stumbling block is : how does OE get a clue the GPIO port even exists? I see nothing in OE docs (or Youtube) about Pi GPIO, and nothing in Pi docs about running OE.

The "buy one and experiment" doesn't work with Raspi anymore, not since they are almost unobtainable and therefore (under capitalist rules) pricey. Their stated plan of "affordable for school children all over the world" (and DIY-ers) is ancient history. I paid less for some complete and working i5 computers a few years ago, but turns out i cannot interface them to the real world either. Chris, your demo is the only one i know of showing OE access of the pi's GPIO, and after years of getting nowhere myself, i figure it's just unfathomable magic that i don't have.


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