Requesting submissions for Exercism track

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I've cooked up examples for the hamming, isogram, leap and raindrops tasks as defined in my copy of the Task descriptions. I don't expect you to write the full folder tree for a task, just the public function. Whatever you submit should pass all the tests. If it doesn't, I'll let you know. And if you are going to write the tests, they must follow those in each task's canonical-data.json file. Code can be left here or emailed to bruceax at gmail dot com.

As a for instance, Greg gave me the following for the isogram task:

include std/sequence.e  
include std/sort.e  
include std/text.e  
public function isogram( sequence str )  
    str = filter( str, STDFLTR_ALPHA )  
    str = sort( upper(str) )  
    for i = 2 to length( str ) do  
        if str[i] = str[i-1] then  
            return 0  
        end if  
    end for  
    return 1  
end function 

It made my first attempt look very pedestrian.

I need at least 20 working tasks before I can launch the track. After that there are documentation requirements and a CI workflow. But let's get the tasks going first.

At this point I'm not taking on Phix. I'll mention it in the documentation but that's as far as I'm prepared to take it at this point. Suitably motivated Phix users could create a Phix track. I'd be happy to help with that, just not lead it.

Finally, the code I've written thus far is on github. Bouquets and brickbats are appreciated.


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