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RobertS said...

Sorry to disappoint, but no, can't do. I don't understand how these samples work, I don't understand how they prove the superiority or the unique features of Phix, I'm not interested in JavaScript or anything that happens in a browser (apart from using it), and if I saw a programming language promoted by the image of a running clock I'd be out of there without a second glance, because there hardly is anything that I care about less.

Not that I think it's a bad idea, it's just way too far removed from anything that means anything to me, or that I know anything about. If I'm indeed the only person left on Earth who writes console apps, so be it. As long as Phix keeps letting me do it, I'm happy. Thanks to all who have made it and keep making it possible.


I would hope that your recent experience with Hypatia would have proven something:

There are few people who write console programs because, as you found out, that requires writing completely different and fairly complex code just to handle I/O for each platform.

Writing with a cross-platform GUI all that work is no longer necessary, user I/O requires just a few lines of code, and lets you concentrate your effort on the "guts" i.e. function of your program. Users also find it easier to navigate a familiar interface.

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