Re: possible wiki errors

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katsmeow said...

On i read: Marchine Level Access Summary 
Your application will can be ready for D.E.P. enabled systems even if the system you test on doesn't have D.E.P..  
Are these errors?

Agreed, these are all typos or typo-level errors.

katsmeow said...

I wonder why the people in charge of it want it to be that way.


Don't think that's the case. Rather, it's that a small team lacking dedicated proof-readers didn't go over the docs this closely before release, and the errors were not caught until now.

Now that it's been pointed out, I'm sure Greg will be in to fix this at some point.

katsmeow said...

I have not really read the document, but these (possible) errors jumped out at me and i ran away from it.


And who could blame you?

katsmeow said...

While i have any one's attention, is there Win-XP/7 OE code to set the ECP/EPP modes of a parport and use it to read/write to external hardware?

Is there example code?

Not aware of any off the top of my head. (And considering the EOL status, if it doesn't already exist, I'd not recommend holding one's breath waiting for it.)

One would hope it's enough to just set the appropriate mode in the BIOS (as per ) and then access LPT1 or similar.

katsmeow said...

What about for the olde serial port?

Again not aware of any, again hoping that COM1 or similar would just work.

katsmeow said...

What about using new modern PCI-e buss cards for adding the parport or serial ports?


In my experience that works just fine - once added, it should show up as a new LPT/COM port. Nothing special is required.

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