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Firstly I have solved the problem of getting mouse info from the SDL_Event union in a completely different way, but this has got me conceptually bugged

In C

int mx, my, mouseState; 
mouseState = SDL_GetMouseState(&mx, &my); 
//mouse position = mx,my 

What this does is create integers mx and my, then gives the function the address of these integers, GetMouseState puts these values into mx and my. C provides an easy method of sending the address of the integers in memory - pass by reference I think.

in eu

include SDL ....etc 
--relevant lines from SDL_mouse.e 
export constant xSDL_GetMouseState = define_c_func(sdl,"+SDL_GetMouseState",{C_POINTER,C_POINTER},C_UINT) 
public function SDL_GetMouseState(atom x,atom y) 
	return c_func(xSDL_GetMouseState,{x,y}) 
end function 
integer mx, my, mouseState 
mouseState = SDL_GetMouseState(????mx, ????my) 

How do I, can I, send the address of these variables to the C function.

One possible work aroud (untested, just thought of it) would be to create a structure, and send the address of the variables, then peek the structure. Will try that tomorrow.


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