Re: Phix Tutorial problems

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In my opinion, it starts off on the wrong foot.

Comparing Phix (a virtually unknown programming language) to Euphoria (another virtually unknown programming language) doesn't help anyone, and any mention of technical details needs to go into a footnote, not the main sales pitch.

IOW, the first two paragraphs provide no incentive for anyone to read further.

Learn about the "elevator pitch". In business, if you want to be successful, you should be able to "sell" a new idea or product in the time it takes to ride an elevator. Once you've got their interest - which generally boils down to "what can this do for me?" - maybe they'll sit down and discuss details.

First, burn page 3.

Start with why someone would want to use Phix. Why is it better/easier/more efficient than the popular languages? You only begin to touch on that by page 9, and then immediately mention pitfalls. It's not a pitfall - it's a feature. Nobody likes pitfalls.

Now, about the audience. You should decide if you are writing for someone who has never used any programming language, or to someone who is familiar with one (probably Python), or someone already fluent in several languages. That's 3 different groups of readers. Those who expect or require a GUI are the 4th. Ignoring their interest is counterproductive.

Summary: altogether too technical, complex, and with a strong negative vibe, but fixable with a total rewrite.

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